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Jewel Lynam:
The acrylic paintings of Jewel Lynam convey freedom of thought and expression in very articulate visual terms.  Born in New Zealand and living in the United States, she has exhibited her work in Europe, New Zealand and the United States. Her work has been shown in the prestigious Grand Palais in Paris. read more...
"Art communicates", says Jewel.  "Energy pushes through the artist to manifest form stimulating and healing through the use of color and line incorporated through the works of art which is then passed on to the viewer.  The power of images is undebatable.  They represent a doorway to the soul and subconscious, touching the symbols of life and death."
Jewel normally paints without any pre-conceived idea in mind.  The result is a variety of colorful styles.  Most of her works are figurative and symbolic but her art includes colorful visionary pieces.  She classifies her work as "numinous" symbolic characteristic of the mystical effect achieved.

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