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Jewel Lynam - Artist Bio


Jewel Lynam was born in New Zealand but lives in Arizona USA.  She began her art career 20 years ago, as a self taught artist. Freedom of the imagination is very apparent in her acrylic paintings, creating a rhythm and mysterious atmosphere to her compositions. She mainly paints without any preconceived idea in mind, therefore her colorful works reveal varying subject matter  from subtle to an alchemy of color, intrigue and strength in very articulate visual terms.  Lynam says: "Art communicates. Energy pushes through the artist to manifest form, stimulating and healing through the use of color and line incorporated in the works of art, which is then passed onto the viewer for their interpretation. The power of images is undebatable. They represent a doorway to the soul and subconscious touching the eternal symbols of life and death." She classifies her work as “numinous symbolic,” even though her art is abstract in context. 


Jewel has exhibited her work in Belgium, NZ, San Diego and Los Olivos CA, Taos and Boulder CO, Scottsdale and Arizona State University in Tempe AZ. Also various other showings including the Celebration of Fine Arts.                                                 


Solo Exhibits - One Month Showings   

  • Galerie Escapade, Paris------ 1987/1989   
  • Galerie Sextius, Aix-en-Provence----- 1989/1991  
  • Art Museum Hamilton NZ ------- 1992/1998  
  • Gammage Auditorium, Tempe AZ --------- Two galleries
  • Grand Palace in Paris -------- Salon de Autumn


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